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Protecting and Advancing Your Profession


Through our parent union, Forsa, we collaboratively seek to improve and protect terms and conditions for members


Our members are our most important asset. Professionals ranging from Air Traffic Control Officers, Assistants and Subject Matter Experts collectively enhance Air Traffic Management in the skies above Ireland


We promote forward thinking and constantly strive to improve safety and efficiency collaboratively with our fellow EU members

Founded in 1947

The Irish Air Traffic Control Association was formed as the Irish Air Traffic Control Service became civilianised in 1947. At the time, Irish Civil Servants (government employees) could not join trade unions and were represented by their professional associations.

In the early 1960s, alongside our counterparts abroad, we recognised the benefits of international alliances and IATCA initially worked towards formalising such alliances with other European Associations. The concept subsequently expanded beyond Europe and in 1961 Ireland became a founding member of IFATCA.

You can read more about the founding of Air Traffic Control in Ireland, and the work of IATCA in our document prepared for the celebration of 100 years of Air Traffic Control (ATC 100 Centenary) in 2022.

ATC 100 Years Website

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